Why Choose Us?

Our suppressors provide reliability and function for military, law enforcement applications, self-defense and sporting applications. This technology is provided to defend and protect freedom in our great nation and your hearing!

Please take the time to see why our unique designs are used by agencies and operators around the world. We believe that you deserve more than simply sound reduction.


No point of impact shift and zero muzzle velocity variation... I am impressed!

Mike Reilly
SEAL Sniper

About Acadian Armament

Roy Couvillion


Our job is to understand what you need and want and to give it to you.

You said you need accuracy. You want to take it apart and clean it. You want it to be small and tough as nails. You need for it to be simple and dependable. And, it needs to work.

That’s a tall order, so we rolled up our sleeves and started from scratch. We machined lots of metal and emptied a lot of brass casings and failed…a lot. But we learned a lot too. So we kept at it.

What resulted are two of the most innovative designs the industry has seen in over a century. Yep, we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished.

We’re not different just to stand out.